Unknown Device Driver for Hardware Ids ACPI\SMO8810 or ACPI\SMO8800 on Dell Notebooks


When you reinstall Windows on your Notebook, it is very common that some of the drivers may not be installed automatically and you may have to hunt and find the right driver for the Notebook. Here, I Just reinstalled Windows on our Dell Notebook and now experiencing Driver related issues. I could find one of the device is marked a “Unknown device” in Device Manager.


To find more information about this Unknown device, right click on the “Unknown Device”, Select “Properties”. Then navigate to “Details” tab and select “Hardware Ids” from the list.


The Hardware Ids of the Unknown device can be any one of the following:






The above given IDs belongs to Motion Sensor or Free Fall Sensor or the Digital Accelerometer
hardware which is present on your Notebook. You need to download any one of the driver available at the driver download of your Dell Notebook. (Dell uses any one of the names for the same driver, so download the one which is available at your notebook driver download page)

  • ST Microelectronics Motion Sensor Driver
  • ST Microelectronics LNG3DM Free Fall Sensor
  • ST Microelectronics 3-axis digital accelerometer
  • ST Microelectronics Free Fall Data Protection Driver

For your reference, have a look at the screenshot of driver download page from where I can download the driver for my Dell Latitude E6520 notebook. To download the right driver for your Notebook, go to Dell.com and download the driver from your Notebook driver download page.


Once you download the driver, install ST Microelectronics Motion Free Fall Sensor Driver on your Notebook and restart the Notebook once installation is completed.


To make your life easier, I have provided most commonly used drivers here. If you are using following Dell Notebooks then you could download the driver from this Dell Driver Download Link. This driver has worked for most us.

Latitude E6220, Latitude XT3, Latitude E6410, Latitude E4310, Latitude E5420M, Precision M4500, Latitude E6410 ATG, Precision M6600, Latitude E5410, Precision M4600, Latitude E5420, Latitude E6510, Latitude E5520, Latitude E5520M, Latitude E5510, Latitude E6520, Latitude E6420, Latitude E6420 XFR , Latitude E6320, Latitude E6420 ATG.

Alternatively, If you are using following Notebook Models, then you need to download the driver from thisDell Driver Download Link

Latitude E6230, Latitude E6530, Latitude E6430, Latitude E5430, Latitude E5530, Precision M6700,  Latitude E6430 ATG, Latitude E6430s, Precision M4700, Latitude E6330

If you are using Dell Vostro 3460 or Vostro 3360, then you need to download the driver from this Dell Driver Download link

If you are using Alienware M14x R2, Alienware M18x R2  or Alienware M17x R4, then you could download Windows 8 based drivers from Dell driver download link or Windows 7 based drivers from this Dell driver download link.

The ACPI\SMO8820 are used on some of the Toshiba and Acer Notebooks as well. I never tried this Dell Driver on those machine but if you are desperate,  you could try it.

Let us know whether your driver issue is solved, if you have followed better methods to solve the issue, do keep us posted. We would love to hear the feedback from you.


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