Toshiba Notebook: Bluetooth Stack Driver for Unknown Device ID ACPI\TOS6205


Reinstalled Windows on Toshiba Notebook and found that one of the driver is missing. So reinstalled all drivers and tried performing Windows update as well. However, one of the device is still shown as “Unknown Device” in the Device Manager.

Driver for ACPI TOS6205

To find out more information about this Unknown device, double click on this “Unknown device” and from the Properties window, select the “Details” tab. Once you are at the Details tab, select Hardware IDs. Here is what I can find about this Unknown device.Bluetooth Stack ACPI TOS6205 ACPI VEN_TOS DEV_6205

The Hardware IDs of this Unknown Device are:


The ACPI\TOS6205 belongs to Toshiba Bluetooth Drivers. Your Notebook might have shipped with Bluetooth device and its driver is not yet installed properly. Toshiba usually call this driver as Toshiba BT stack or sometimes as PC Bluetooth Stack or Bluetooth Filter Driver Package.

In order to solve this driver issue, go to the driver download page of your Toshiba Notebook and download the Toshiba Bluetooth stack or Bluetooth Filter Driver Package.

To make life simpler, Toshiba has kept most drivers in one page. You can visit the Toshiba Bluetooth Website and download the driver.  As per the Toshiba Website, driver version 8.00.12 is the latest I could find. If the Windows installed in your Notebook is a 32 bit version, then ensure that you install the 32 bit driver. Both 32bit and 64 bit drivers are listed in the download page.

Toshiba Bluetooth Stack Bluetooth Filter Driver Package

If above given driver does not work for you, then you may need to download specific Bluetooth driver from the Toshiba driver download website. As per the screenshot, you could find Bluetooth Filter Driver Package is available and can be installed on your Notebook.

Toshiba Bluetooth Stack Bluetooth Filter Driver Package Driver

Download the Bluetooth driver from Toshiba Website and it should fix this annoying driver issue.

If you are using older Toshiba Notebooks (2009 –2010 models) , then the device ID ACPI\TOS6205 belong to HDD Protection Utility. You can download HDD Protection Utility from the driver download page of your Notebooks.

Do let us know whether Bluetooth driver fixed the issue for you. If you find any other workarounds or solution, do keep us posted.

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