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One day, I received an email from one of my customer. Customer was asking β€œI have been trying to stop the Task Scheduler from running in Vista. It seems that all of the buttons to disable this feature are grayed out.Β  Please check below said screen-shot to understand the issue better. I was able to stop the service from running in Windows XP but I can’t seem to stop it in Windows Vista. Can you help?

Task Scheduler Service Properties windowThe answer is Yes, but you need to disable this feature within the Windows registry if below said method fails:)

How to stop Task Scheduler in Windows 7/Vista:

You may easily disable Task Scheduler from Services Window.

1. Go To Start, under search type services.msc

Services.Msc2. Open the Services window.
3. Now Look for Task Scheduler from the list.

Task Scheduler Service 4. Please double click on it, it will open Task Scheduler properties.
5. Make sure the Startup type is set to Disabled. Also Stop the service by clicking Stop button.

Stop Service 6. Once you do it, the Task Scheduler will be disabled.

7. If you wish to enable Task Scheduler, then you need to set Startup type is set to Enabled. Also Start the service by clicking Start button. πŸ™‚

If you do not have the option to disable/stop the Task Scheduler, then please try below said registry steps to disable Task Scheduler in Windows 7 or Windows VISTA. Always take backup of Registry before you change the settings.

Disable Task Scheduler by Editing Registry:

1. Open Registry Editor, Click Start->type in Regedit, then Regedit.exe will be shown under Programs

Open Registry2. Once Registry Window is open, on the right pane of the window, click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE


Click on System4. Now click on CurrentControlSet

click on CurrentControlSet5. Click on Services

Click on Services6. Click on Schedule, then on right pane of registry editor, double click on β€œStart” entry

Click on Schedule

7. Change the β€œStart” entry value from β€œ2” to β€œ4β€œ. Now click β€œOK” button.

Change the Start entry value from 2 to 48.Β  Restart the Computer for the changes to take affect.

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46 Responses to “Stop Task Scheduler in Windows 7/VISTA”

  1. Megan says:

    SiRu should learn how to speak better English.

    • SiRu says:


      Thank for the feedback, Yes I understand that I need to improve my English language skills and I am working on it. Sorry, I am not from an English speaking country.

      I hope still you can understand my articles.


    • DUANE says:

      .. I agree with Kelly. You should ignore the comment about your English, which is actually very good.
      Thanks for helping me sort my problem too.
      Have a good day sir ! πŸ™‚

  2. Kelly says:

    I think the english comment is irrelevant as it has fixed my problem!

  3. Tom says:

    It’s not only extremely rude but uncivilized to comment on the language skills of someone trying to communicate in a non native language.
    SiRu thanks for your clear explanation, it saved me a lot of time, I’m most grateful.

  4. Bart says:

    Thank SiRu, but i have a question
    1. if I turn off Task scheduler by Editing Registry, how to turn on again Task Scheduler when you using a second method(Disable Task Scheduler by Editing Registry),
    2. and the second question is, tell my for what exactly we need that task scheduler and what happen if I turn off it ( i need good answer for that, it s can by danger for a system?), can that harm a system.

    Windows 7 64
    dell xps l702x
    16g ram
    i7 2.0 ghz laptop

    • SiRu says:

      Change the β€œStart” entry value from β€œ4” to β€œ2β€œ. that will enable it back.

      You need task scheduler only if you are scheduling any task on your server (like do virus scan every week etc).. I don’t use this task scheduler in my computer.

  5. peter says:

    Thanks a lot. very helpful and very easy to understand.

  6. ank91 says:

    hey novice admin. Dont u know disabling task schedular service will stop PREFETCH feature too.
    how novice u r, misguiding user.

  7. Pavan says:

    Neatly Explained.. Thanks a lot!

  8. JD says:

    If it does turn off PREFETCH, that’s just an added bonus.

    Thanks, SiRu, for your help.

  9. John says:

    Very easy to follow..and just reverse to undo..thank you.

  10. Slarlac249 says:

    sometimes you have to remove the security key or change the permissions otherwise it says access denied when you try and change the start entry.

    also the reason it’s greyed out in services is because of the security key, Microsoft lock it down because they think you shouldn’t be disabling it.

  11. Morie says:

    I love u for this info!

  12. says:

    to the moron who commented on your english why does’nt he try to solve his problems and the problems created by another moron “bill gates the biggest crook this century”

  13. Graham says:

    very nice guide am from england there nothing wrong with his english you need to learn to read! thanks for the info πŸ™‚

  14. Michael says:


    Bless You Sir…!

    Hard to find REAL instructions from the internet, most sites are phony.

    You are a true whiz, keep it going…!

  15. Daniel says:

    Hi SiRu,

    The reason you received a feedback about your English is because of these line:

    ” Please check below said screen-shot to understand the issue better”.
    “please try below said registry steps….”.

    So, the “below said” is wrong. I think the correct sentences are:

    “Please see these screenshots…..”
    “Please follow these steps….”

    It will help you in improving your language. You won’t receive such rude comments in future.

    Anyways, thanks for your help. You have explained everything in a very easy manner.

    • SiRu says:

      Thank you Daniel, i think I constantly used that wrong sentence in my post and may be it triggered feedback about bad english.

      Thank you for letting me know the mistakes because it will help me in future.

      Cheers πŸ™‚


  16. Graham Ansell says:

    Thanks for posting. But this does not defeat the object of Stopping the Task Scheduler service while it is running. All buttons are greyed out, even the Startup Type. Yes you can disable it in the Registry, but it’s being able to stop start it within services.msc..

  17. ings says:

    Hi! Just googled this site when I’m curious about task scheduler. I’ve read several site, perhaps you should read this too.

    When I’m using WIndows XP back in the day I never use task scheduler. SInce the task schdule in winXP is quite empty, so i never bother it. Very different from win7, indeed. Hope this help everyone who read this. And sorry, english not my mother tongue.

  18. Nirmal says:

    Thanks SiRu, its very helpful.

  19. Nathan says:


    Can I point out the following sentence…

    “The reason you received a feedback about your English is because of these line:”

    This should read:

    “The reason you received feedback about your English is because of the following sentences:”

    Notice how the sentence should read.

    We can all point out pitfalls in each other’s language skills. At least we can say that SiRu’s spelling and grammar is related to English not being his native language. What is your excuse?

    Kindest Regards,


  20. Thanks
    Sir Task Scheduler WINDOW 7 NICE TIPS

  21. Rahul Kadam says:

    Thank You sir,

    really got help

  22. hamd says:

    thank for that -and you can go to task sholder and stop all task dirctly

    if i delet server in regstry named ( cryptographic svc ) he slow windows is machin fail to start

  23. WikiForce says:

    Is it safe to disable in Windows 10? Windows 8 worked fine without it and have recently upgraded to 10.

  24. Scott says:

    The registry fix is only temporary! My win7 task scheduler has crashed, I can’t delete tasks but one keeps starting my PC up from standby.

    Really annoying, and not sure if it is a virus or not. Don’t want to have to shut it down each time, or reinstall windows. You certainly can’t disable it in the services on win7 Microsoft’s website says so!


  25. Philip says:

    Thanks for the tip.
    Manners maketh man, the language is incidental.
    Best Wishes

  26. Asad Ukaye says:

    Thanx for your guidance and sharing information to the viewers

  27. Steve Gildman says:

    Works for me (my client’s machine)!

    Thank you!

    BTW – the person making the language comment needs to learn the difference between American English and British English.

  28. cs says:

    thanks a lot

  29. Mujeeb says:

    I have windows 7 Enterprise, I tried all above methods, but no use. 1st method I cannot find the Task Scheduler Properties, 2nd method from “services. MSc” there is not highlighted options “disable” and “stop”, 3rd method from “registry.exe” Error message is ” cannot edit start: Error writing the value’s new contents. Please support me to solve this issue.

  30. DxCK says:

    You can use the program “ProcessHacker” to change the permissions of the service “Schedule”, and set Administrator as Full Control, and then you can start and stop the service freely.

  31. Pete says:

    No problem with the English language.

    I’ using ‘Porcess Hacker 2’

    Strange fact is that if you go to ‘network’ task sheduler pops up as:

    svchost.ex… 19170

    There are several things linked at amazon and I don’t know why???

    What has amazon to do with Windows?

    I don’t use amazon/aws.

    When I click ‘go to process’ services pops up: schedule Task Sheduler Share Process Running Auto start.

    Right click that and go to ‘properties’ ther you can also change Auto Start or not.

    Maybe I am doing something wrong dunno … πŸ˜€

    Greets to ya all folks.

    Keep up the good work!

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