Setup Internet and Wireless on BSNL AR800V v3.0 ADSL modem


One year ago, I was using a BSNL ADSL Wireless Modem for my Broadband internet connection. The Model number of the Modem is: BSNL Ar800v V3.0 from Fujian Starnet communication Pvt ltd. This modem is shipped with four LAN ports and Wireless functionality. Though this modem is an entry level ADSL modem, I never had any kind of trouble using this device.

BSNL AR800V V3.0

Configuring BSNL modem is easy and straight forward. Today, I will explain how to configure your BSNL Internet on Ar800v V3.0 modem. Later in this article, I will also share how to configure Wireless (Wi-Fi or WLAN) on this modem.

How to setup Internet on Ar800V V3.0 modem:

To configure the modem for the first time, you need to connect the modem to a computer. You will find four LAN ports (Network ports) at the back of your BSNL ADSL modem. Connect a Network cable (LAN cable) to any of these four ports and connect the other end to the network port of your desktop or laptop computer.


Once you have connected a network cable from BSNL Modem LAN port (you can use any of four LAN ports on modem) to your laptop or desktop; we can launch a web browser to configure Internet.

Let’s Start

1. Open Internet Explorer browser on your Laptop or Desktop computer.
2. Type: (or just at the address bar of Internet Explorer.
3. Now the screen will look like the one provided below.

BSNL AR800V V3.0 Configuration

4. Enter the User name and Password,by default user name is admin and password is admin

BSNL AR800V V3.0 login

5. Once you login, you will be at the Overview page as shown below.
6. At the same page, under Configuration, click on  Internet Connection.

BSNL AR800V V3.0 Internet Settings window

7. Next to PVC Name: pppoe_0_35 and Protocol: PPPoE LlcBridged, you will find an Edit  button.
8. Click on the Edit button (Please check below provided screenshot).

BSNL Modem Configuration Ar800V

9. Once you click on Edit, it will open “Configure ATM PVC” page.
10. At the “Configure ARM PVC page, check the values are as shown below:

fujian starnet modem AR800V V3.0 Internet Settings window

BSNL VPI VCI Settings11. Once you are done, Click Next button.
12. Select LLC/SNAP for Encapsulation type. Click Next.

BSNL Modem Internet Configuration

13. At Configure WAN  IP Settings window, select settings as shown below:

BSNL Modem Settings Internet

BSNL AR800V V3.0 Internet Configuration

14. Once you done, click Next button.
15. Now you will be at Configure Broadband User Name and Password page as shown below.

BSNL Modem setup configuration settings

16. Now enter the values provided by BSNL Internet Service Provider.

BSNL Modem Network Settings

17. Once you are done, click Next button.
18. Now you will be at the Summary page as shown below.

BSNL Modem Setup Summary page

19. Click Apply button.
20. Allows 1-5 minutes for the changes to take effect.
21. Congrats, you have successfully configured Internet on your Modem.

How to setup Wireless Internet on Ar800V V3.0 modem:

Before you configure wireless internet on Ar800V V3.0 modem, you need to complete above said steps. Once you have completed above said steps, then you can proceed to configure Wireless (WLAN or Wi-Fi) on this modem.

Let’s Start

1. At the main page of modem, under Configuration, click on Wireless Network.

BSNL fujian starnet modem AR800V V3.0 Wireless Internet

2. Make the changes as explained below Or table provided below(Check below two images):

BSNL Modem Wireless Wifi WLAN configuration page

3. Here is the settings that you need to make for the Wireless Internet to work.

BSNL Modem Global Settings Security

4. Once you made the changes, click Confirm button.
5. Allows 1-5 minutes for the changes to take effect.
6. Congrats, you have successfully configured Wireless on your BSNL AR800V v3.0 modem.

You can Turn On Wireless on your Laptop or Cell Phone now. You will find a new Wireless Network (The name you entered for Network Name) is available. When asked for the Wireless Password, you need to enter the WPA Pass Share key you entered. WPA Pass Share is the Wireless Password.

As I do not use BSNL Internet now, I really do not have knowledge on troubleshooting the issues related to BSNL modem. If you have any issues, please contact BSNL Toll Free Number at: 1800 424 1600 as they will be in better position to assist you.

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19 Responses to “Setup Internet and Wireless on BSNL AR800V v3.0 ADSL modem”

  1. Musheer says:

    Good post. Thanks buddy.

  2. Vinay says:

    not able to connect using my phone (galaxy y). IP address is always wifi is connecting but website doesn’t appear

  3. Shariz says:

    I have successfully configured internet on my modem. Thanks 🙂
    But I followed your steps to establish a connection to my laptop…dint work. My laptop shows full signal strength, but doesn’t connect !


    • SiRu says:

      I am sorry, I am not a BSNL expert, I just used this modem once.

      1. Please check whether you are connecting to the same WLAN.
      2. Please check whether Internet is working by using a LAN/Network cable.
      3. In the modem page, under Wireless Network, please go to MAC Address Filter and see whether you filtered any MAC address there?

  4. shanks says:

    Useful info on modem set up. thanks.

    I have specific query regarding BSNL AR800V V3.0 wireless connectivity with IPAD 2 (iOS 4.3). Though the IPAD detects and connects to the wireless network, it is unable to access the net.

    Would appreciate your expert advice..

    • SiRu says:

      I am not sure why its not working because its works for my iPhone 3G. I hope you followed my instructions carefully!

  5. Prem says:

    Dear admin,
    when i try to open the page , it shows me an error, “This webpage is not available”.
    Please help me in establishing the wifi in modem AR800V v3.0 !
    Thank You!

    • SiRu says:

      Did you connect a LAN cable from your Laptop to BSNL Modem before you try this?

      If you use any Proxy, uncheck it in IE Options, Connections tab.

      Then it should work (if you have not changed the default IP).

  6. zedkhan says:

    sir i want to know that i using bsnl broadband i have buy wireless router buffalo n150 sir i want to know than how to setup this wireless router pls help me i will be waiting for you reply.thanks

    • SiRu says:

      Hi, Sorry I never worked on that router. Please call the BSNL helpline number provided in this article.


      Try to configure the Modem and enter the same values as shown in this article.

      Settings will be almost same but interface will be different as you are using different Modem


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