How to Install SNMP in Windows 2003 Operating System


In this article, we will learn how to install SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Service in Microsoft Windows 2003 Operating System. As we know SNMP Service basically act as an agent who collects the information that can be sent to Center Management Server. In the case of HP Servers, HP System Insight Manager or HP System Management Homepage are examples of Center Management Server.How to Install SNMP in Windows 2003 Operating SystemHere, we are discussing about SNMP because we need SNMP to configure System Management Homepage. You could also use WBEM to configure System management Homepage but people tend to prefer SNMP over WBEM. Compared to WBEM, SNMP is considerably less secure as the SNMP messages are sent in clear text. Anyone can use network analyzer software and capture all the information or gain access if needed.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is part of Windows 2003/2008 and needs to be installed seperately. Once you install SNMP, the SNMP service will be started automatically. You must have Administrator Access to install SNMP on your Server.

How to install SNMP in Windows 2003:

1. Click Start, Select Control Panel, then open Add/Remove Programs.

Windows 2003 Add or Remove Programs

2. Add or Remove Programs will open.
3. Select Add/Remove Windows Components.

Windows 2003 Add remove Windows components4. Now Windows Component Wizard will open.

SNMP configuration and installation in Windows 2003

5. Select “Management and Monitoring Tools” (do not select or clear the check box)
6. Then click on Details button.

SNMP configuration and installation in Windows 20037. Select Simple Network Management Protocol check box (Put a tick mark)

SNMP Add remove programs Selection window8. Click Next

SNMP Select management and Network

9. If prompted, insert the Windows 2003 operating System CD to the drive.
10. Files will be copied and SNMP will be installed on your Server.

Installing SNMP in Windows 200311. Click Finish to complete the Installation.

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This document will be useful when you want to install and configure System Management Homepage on your HP Server. Soon we will be publishing an article regarding installation and configuration of  HP System management homepage 😀

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