How to Configure iLO on your HP Proliant Server


HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) is one of the bright feature available on all HP Proliant and Blade Servers (hope you are not using Antique HP/Compaq  Servers). iLO allow us to manage server remotely and it  works at the hardware level. So you will have access to the server even when the Operating system is crashed/not installed/Server is in Powered Off state!

OK, now comes the configuration part of Integrated Lights-Out (iLO). iLO does not need any special software to configure, but you just need to configure it for the first time. If you are new to HP Servers, then configuring iLO will be one of the challenges you faced. In this article, we will discuss more about iLO configuration on your Server. Once iLO is configured, you can access the server remotely using an Internet browser and manage the server in an efficient manner!

HP Integrated Lights-Out iLO Port picture

As you know, earlier generations of HP Servers were shipped with Integrated Lights-Out version 1 (called as iLO only). If you have HP Proliant G2, G3 or G4 series servers, then you are using the first version of iLO on your Server. If you look at the rear panel of  your server, you will find a port named as iLO, Management or Mgmt (have a look at above provided picture to see yourself).

In this article, I am trying to help you to configure iLO on your server. The steps remain same for iLO2 and iLO3 configuration.

Before you begin:

All HP Proliant servers are shipped with Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) enabled and all these servers will have an attached iLO tag. Do not understand what I am talking about? have a look at the below picture!. Depends on the HP Server model number or Generation number, this iLO tag will be tied to either front/rear of your server. In some models of HP servers, I have seen that there is a label pasted on your server (with iLO information) and no iLO tags!HP Server iLO tag

Why the iLO tag is important? the iLO tag will have the User name and password of your iLO. When you perform the initial configuration of iLO and if you are prompted to enter user name and password, you may use the login information available on this iLO tag.

How to configure iLO (Integrated Lights-Out) of your Server.

Here comes the most important part, here we will learn how to configure iLO on HP Servers. Here, we are going to disable DHCP  and will assign a static IP for the iLO. Once we set a static IP, you have to reboot the server for the changes to take effect.

Let’s Start! :)

1. Turn ON the Server, press F8 key at the Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) prompt.

iLO Press F8 to Enter

2. If prompted to Enter user name and Password, use the information you found on iLO tag.
3. Once you login, you will be at below screen. This is the iLO RBSU screen.

HP iLO RBSU is Open4. From iLO RBSU, go to Network and select DNS/DHCP option from there.

HP iLO Network DNS DHCP settings5. Press Space bar and disable the DHCP as we are going to set a static IP for iLO.

HP iLO Disable DHCP6. Now under Network menu, select NIC and TCP/IP settings.

HP iLO NIC and TCP IP Settings

7. The Network Configuration window will open (as shown below)

HP iLO Assign iLO IP

8. Now enter an IP address and Subnet Mask for your iLO (Example:

HP iLO Enter Static IP and Subnet Mask

9. To Save the settings, please press F10 key.
10. Go to File menu and select Exit to close the iLO Configuration window.

HP iLO Close iLO configuration window

11. You will receive a window as shown below, Press Enter key to restart Server.

HP iLO Exit Window12. Congratulation, you have successfully configured iLO of your Server.

What are the alternate ways to configure iLO:

Yes, we do have different methods to configure iLO on one server. If your Server supports SmartStart CD, then you can boot the server to a SmartStart CD and use the HP Lights-Out Configuration Utility to configure iLO for the first time. If you wish to learn how to do it, then you can refer my article provided below:

If the server is installed with Windows and if you wish to configure iLO using a Windows based tool, then you can use HP Lights-Out Online Configuration utility in Windows. All the steps you need to follow are available in the below said link:

I hope these two articles will help you :D :D

How to Launch iLO Web Interface?

Well, I have configured iLO, now how to do I access the iLO Graphical User Interface?

1. Connect a Network cable to the iLO port of your Server.
2. Connect the other end of network cable to your Laptop/Computer.
3. Open Internet Explorer and type the IP address of iLO you have set (Example:

HP iLO Login Page screen

4. It should open the iLO Login page of your Server :D

Remember, you need to use the Login name and Password information which is available on your iLO tag to login. Once you login to iLO, go to the Administration tab and create a new user account. Next time onwards, you can use the newly created user account to login to iLO.

Though this article only speaks about configuring iLO 1, the steps are almost identical for iLO2 and iLO3. If you are able to understand what I wrote in this article, you are good to go. Leave your comments and feedback about your iLO configuration experience in the comments section :D

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88 Responses to “How to Configure iLO on your HP Proliant Server”

  1. dan says:

    This is Great I love it but once I do this how do I access this externally or outside my company I do NOT want to put the server on my DMZ this is much appreciated.

  2. Don says:

    Thanks for this article. I have been asked to set this up before and your instructions are very simple to follow!

  3. PL says:

    How do you install the “license key” on ilo3? how do you tell if it is for multiple blades or does each one have a separate license key?

    • SiRu says:

      To install:

      in ILO3 GUI, Click Administration>Licensing, then you will get an option to add license

      There are different types of license, I am not sure whether we can find whether the license is for single server or multiple server. Basically, when you purchase license, you need to specify that

      Hope it helps


  4. Dinesh Diggiwal says:

    Really it is very simple to understand.
    Thanks to you Siru

  5. PL says:

    Thanks SiRu… Does installing license give you anything special?

    • SiRu says:

      Yes, You will get Remote console in ILO, Virtual Media, Active directory integration, Advanced Power management features etc some of the features you get. If you have a HP Blade servers, it will have Remote console and Virtual Media enabled by default.

      If you are using HP Proliant ML DL servers, then you need to buy HP iLO Advanced License.

  6. Phani says:

    Thanks for the artical which was very helpful to understand.
    It seems some one has already configured the ilo – 2 for a our servers and we dont have login details for that.( As you told should be getting from a tag)

    Is there any way to create a user account from the operating system for the ilo with required privileges as we do in solaris ?

    Since it is a production server i dont want to reboot and go into F8 or the guys at the DC doesnt have a clue about ilo tag or details to find.

    Any suggestion will be great


    • SiRu says:

      If the server is running Windows on your server, then you can download and install HP Lightsout online configuration utility. This utility will not ask user name and password when you launch it. You can also create a new user account using HP Lightsout online configuration utility.

      I have written articles regarding HP Lightsout online configuration utility, please check my blog. You can find it. :)

  7. SF says:

    I am completely new to HP but I need to configure a new HP DL360c from scratch. Do I just connect a normal LAN cable from the ILO port at the back of HP server to the serial port of my laptop, and I would be able to see the screen during bootup where I can press F8? Thank you.

    • SiRu says:

      Please follow what is explained in the article. It clearly says that connect a LAN cable to iLO port and other end to the LAN cable of your Laptop. NO serial port.

  8. Emeka says:

    Hi, thanks for the enlightenment. However, I have configured my iLO interface just as you have described,but I still can’t connect via web. Do I need to ping it across the internet? Do I need to use a router to configure the IP? Thanking You in Advance.

    • SiRu says:

      Hi, the ILO configuration what we discussed here will work only if you are available on the same network.

      This is not for accessing iLO through Internet. If you want to do that, you need to have to VPN to the network and then access iLO..

      Note: Do not configure iLO IP as a public IP, its risky.

      • Samrach says:

        Dear SiRu,

        This is very helpful. I have been asked to configured iLO on my ProLiant DL380 G3 Server, and your article is clear enough to proceed. Just one more question on the DNS field. Is this neccessary to be completed or not?



  9. Riddhi says:

    Hi i need a script through which we can get rib ip for n number of servers normally we find it by server name-r or.rib or ri but we have n no of servers where we need to find rib ip nd its time consuming to finf it manually .Pleas let me know if u have any suggestions regarding script

  10. new-commer says:

    Is there a way to find whethere OS is installed or not…or installed but crashed from iLO.
    please reply, it would be very useful.

  11. Maya says:

    i have task of configuring DL120 G7server. this server has an option to use NIC 2 connector as a shared iLO3 or we have a dedicated management port.
    however the the ILO port delivery takes about 9 Weeks, hence i want a clarification, if we can use the shared ILO port(with ILO Advanced license) and configure the server, once my dedicated port has been configured (after the part delivery) can i reconfigure the dedicated port with the same advanced license.

  12. Rod says:


    Can the HP iLO be used to reset windows password?

    • SiRu says:

      iLO is at hardware level. YEs, you can use iLO to access your server remotely but to reset the password, you should use the reset disk

  13. Bennie says:

    Hello, And thanks for sharing your insights and knowledge.

    I am adding 2 new HP DL120 G7s to our system. I assume it is possible to give the iLO 3 a valid static IP address for the network and then connect it to a switch and access the DL120′s iLO 3 from the network, rather than connecting a laptop directly to the iLo 3 port.

    Is that right? Is that a bad idea?


    • SiRu says:

      What you said is the best idea.. This is what we do in any network.

      My article is about confiuring iLO, when you configure, you can connect directly and do it. Once you configured iLO, then iLO accessed from Network only. We do not use direct cable from laptop.



  14. Aneesh T M says:

    Hi Siru,

    I configured the ILO for one of our server HP Proliant ML 310 G5. But iam not able to access the ilo thru its ip. I can the server thru the network. I have configured many servers & their ILO.
    This is the first time iam getting this kind of issue. I replaced the server as well. But still same thing happends.. Any other special config needed for ILO ??

    • SiRu says:

      Hi, I was on vacation for three weeks, sorry for the delay.

      What if you connect a cable directly to the server iLO port and connect other end to your laptop, and open a browser window. See whether you can access iLO page? If this works, then iLO is fine.

      Note: You should change your laptop IP so that both iLO and laptop IP are in the same network range.


  15. Praveen says:


    This is nice article. From some many days i m looking for this type article. thanks for providing such article.


  16. noormohamed says:

    ahow to configer lanline phon connect ilo server.

  17. pares says:

    ciao SiRu,

    Consider this case:

    I have the server which is down, and I do not know the ip for iLO
    how can I get it( ip for iLO ) remotely, considering( and not considering ) we are in a working enviroment and considering the iLO is connected to the Ethernet network

    thanks in advance

    • SiRu says:

      Pares, may I know what you mean Server is down, does it POST?

      At this time, getting the IP remotely will be difficult. However, I have seen some internet post where people run some scripts, but never used it.

  18. pares says:

    ciao SiRu,

    is it possible to know the ip for iLO when the server is down?

  19. pares says:


    they need to install the OS on that server, so because of these they need the ip for iLO;
    I guess it s power on, otherwise they could not install it :)

  20. pares says:

    ok, they set the ip for iLO via RBSU, but the partition was corrupted so, they will change that server with a VM( because they wanted to reinstall win2000, as it was installed before , remotely ) ..well at least they set the IP for iLO :)

  21. ali says:

    thx so much, it help me so much ;)

  22. sanjay singh says:

    Hi Siru,
    I am trying to setup iLo-4 on HP Proliant DL380p Gen8 Server. The aim is to monitor the Server Hardware and generate SNMP traps in case of failures and forward them to some Third Party Manager.
    I have few doubts:
    1. Can I give the same IP Address to iLo-4 which my DL380p Gen8 Server already have?
    2. Is there anything else which we need to do to Setup iLo-4? How do we access the same?
    3. How do I replicate Hardware Failure Scenarios?
    4. Do Hp provides some MIBs for the same?


    • SiRu says:

      Please use different ip address for ilo4.
      There is an option in ilo4 where you need to add management server ip, community string etc, please google “ilo4 user guide” for more information.
      Replication will be hard, but you can take out one power supply and see whether ilo4 sends any traps to management server.
      mibs may be available, to be frank, i am not sure about it. you may use hp system insight manager for the same purpose..


  23. Dinesh kumar says:

    Very Good info

  24. Dipal says:

    I followed your step. Awesome, I can set up HP iLO and connect to it remotely. However, I am having a problem. The iLO gets disconnected. Then again, when I power off the machine, and power on it back, it works for a while then again it gets disconnected. My server is HP Proliant DL 385 G1. Please suggest. Everything is fine. The connections are OK. Ethernet ports are fine and the cable are connected properly.

    • SiRu says:

      Please provide me the following information.

      1. What is the firmware of the iLO you are using? 2. Have you tried to reset iLO once and checked whether the same issue happens?
      3. Will the same issue happens if you connect the ILO directly to your laptop?


  25. parsegh says:

    SiRu, thank you for your posts. Is it possible to get into the iLO after Windows loads? I may be wrong, but I believe I once saw a way to access the iLO via control panel or some other HP program. Thank you.

    • SiRu says:

      iLO is independent of OS installed, you can access it through a web browser. Not through a standalone application.

      You need to know the iLO IP and type it in web browser address bar to access iLO.

      Please check my articles regarding iLO for more information.


  26. Sachin says:


    We have DL360 G3 on which we have configured one of our windows 2003 server. iLO used to work fine until yesterday since morning i am not able to access iLO via browser however I could access server directly via RDP. Please let me know how can i bring the iLO back on network?


    • SiRu says:


      Have you tried to reset iLO Once? You can download HP Lightsout Online configuration utility and configure it within Windows again. I wrote an anrticle about it already. I also wrote an anrticle on hoe to reset iLO. Please perform both steps and let me know how it goes.


      • Sachin says:

        Thanks Siru, let me search for documents on your site and will follow steps then to confirm same.

        Many Thanks – Sachin

  27. homing says:

    hello SiRu,

    I have the problem on my HP DL 380 G5 ILO2 setting.
    When i enter the ILO2 configure page (F8) , it don’t ask me the login name and password.
    The IP Address ,Subnet mask and Gateway setting should be working.
    The ILO2 IP Address ping normal, but can’t SSH to ILO2 ip , timeout , telnet failure , URL also failure , show nothing in the brower.

    I checking with Global iLO 2 Setting . Find out
    Require iLO 2 RBSU Login DISABLED
    Two-Factor Authentication DISABLED
    Another three setting is ENABLED

    Is it the ILO working under the ILO have login name and password ?


    • SiRu says:

      Can you connect a network cable direct to the Ilo port of server and other end to your laptop? Then check whether you can ssh or telnet ilo? Let me know results.

      Also what is the ilo2 firmware are you using. Have you reset ilo once and checked? Steps are available in my blog.

      Ilo password setting are not related to your ssh and telnet issue.



    • Goutham says:

      Hello Vanraj,

      When you purchase a HP Proliant Rack or Tower Server you get demo license for ILO , in your case ML350e gen8 which is a tower server with ILO4 comes with a demo license for 60days and you will have to buy a full version post 60days. For blade servers full version of ILO4 is provided by default.

  29. SiRu,


    • Goutham says:

      Hi Vanraj,

      RIB – Remote insight board and ILO provide the same functionality, RIB was the very first remote functionality feature on Compaq servers which was replaced with RILOE / RILOE2 LO100 and ILO2/ILO3 and ILO4, RIB was something that that comes as a PCI card ILO is integrated on the system board.

      • philomen says:

        can you me if ANY version of HP ILO can be setup while the Linux OS is running? As in not requiring a reboot (downtime). if we can find any way to do this without reboot then we will all look good

        • SiRu says:

          I have not written an article on it but here is the information which will help you.

          Download HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility for Linux from I find some good article on google. One article is here and here or here

          I will think of writing an article in Linux in future :)


  30. Nilesh says:

    Great Articles on the blog!!!

  31. Segun says:

    Thanks for this article……its very well explanatory…

  32. azis says:

    how if the ilo menu doesn’t show up when booting for the first time or reboot

  33. jo says:

    The article is very good, but
    I not understand where get IP adress for iLO4, when server is turn on at first time.

    • SiRu says:

      Ilo 4 will get an ip address if there is a dhcp server available in your network. To get ip, the network cable should be connected to ilo port.
      If there is no dhcp server available, by default ilo4 will get no ip address. You can always disable dhcp and enter a static ip address of your choice.

      Please check steps 4-11 for better understanding.


  34. Taiseer says:

    Dear SiRu
    thank you so much for this very useful information for setting and configuring iLo
    I have four server their models are porliant dl380p gen8 so the procedure I must do for every server right?so I must used four IP static and when I want to control them at the same time I must use four windows browser right? or if you have any suggestion?
    my operating system which I installed on my four servers is window server 2012 standard edition so after I enter the iLO4 trial license key I will control them remotely right? but of course I can control the operating system(windows server 2012) or the control just for the server it is self ? and after 60dayes finished the license key that I must buy is for ever or also have a limited time and for my server I must buy four keys or just one for four ? and have any information about it is price please
    thank you again for your time and help

    • SiRu says:

      Hi Taiseer,

      Yes, you need to use four static IP address and the process needs to be done on each servers. You can use 4 web browser at the same time.
      Using iLO you can control both hardware and OS. After 60 days, you need to buy the license.There are different types of licenses available (like 1 year, Mutiple server license etc), you need to check with HP sales team regarding it.


  35. Taiseer says:

    Dear Siru

    thank you so much for your comment ,
    I do all that and now I can control the four servers as well as that I made update for the latest iLO firmware, but I have a problem with the browser of chrome when I want to control through launch the window it is told me that there are files necessary not found , in the same time if I launch through Java no problem and for internet explorer I can launch for both window and java

    thank you again

  36. Sue says:

    Is it possible for me to configure iLO on a virtual machine? And is there also a free version of iLO 2 so that i can download it?

  37. jean says:

    Anyone know how I connect to the same server ilo?

  38. Cristian says:

    Hi Siru,

    I don’t have access to the iLo through the web, maybe the ip setting were wrong, i don’t have access physically to the server, is there a way to access to the ilo in order to re configure the ip settings?.. i’ve heard that there is a software but i couldn’t find it.. thank you

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