Configure Secure Wireless LAN on BSNL Nokia Siemens SL2_141 Modem


Configuring BSNL Nokia Siemens SL2_141/SL2-141 Broadband Modem is pretty easy, if you have not yet configured the modem to enable Internet through LAN/WLAN (Wi-Fi), then follow the steps mentioned in our two previous articles.

1. Setup Internet and Wireless Internet on BSNL Siemens SL2_141 ADSL Modem

2. Configure Wireless LAN on BSNL Siemens SL2_141 Broadband Modem


How to secure Wireless LAN on your BSNL Siemens SL2_141 Modem

We have already configured Wireless on your Modem. So you do not need to change any settings for the Wireless (Wi-Fi) to work. But you might have noticed that the WLAN we configured is unsecured. It means the WLAN you configured is not encrypted Or not password protected. In this Post, we will show you how to password protect Wireless LAN!.

1. Open Internet Explorer, type (Or type and press the Enter key on the keyboard. Now a popup screen asks you to enter User name and password to configure your Siemens SL2_141 broadband modem as we shown below.


2. Enter below said user name and password (Use the default factory user name and password) and click OK.

User name: admin

Password: admin

3. Once you login, we will enter modem configuration page as shown below.

Siemens-SL2_141-homepage234. Click on Wireless at the left pane of the window.

5. Click on Basic at the left pane of the window. Now you are at Wireless – Basic Page as shown below.

6. Ensure that Enable Wireless check box is checked (tick mark should be there). (Note: In future, if you wish to disable Wireless, you can uncheck this box).

7. Enter a name for Wireless LAN in SSID box, you can enter whatever you like, (E.g: SiRu Wireless).

8. Select Country as UNITED STATES. Click Save/Apply button.


9. Once you are done, click on Security at the left pane of the Window. It will open Wireless – Security page. 10. Change  the settings as shown below, also refer below said screenshot for more information.

Select SSID: The name of your Wireless LAN (SSID). (E.g: SiRu Wireless)

Network Authentication: WPA-PSK

WPA Pre-Shared key: abcdefghijk (You can use any password that you like)

WPA Encryption: TKIP

WEP Encryption: Enabled

Encryption Strength: 64 bit

Current Network Key: 2

Network Key 2: siraj (enter any 5 character word that you like)

Siemens SL2_141_secured_Wireless_lan

11. Click on Save/Apply button.

12.The modem will reboot now. If you are currently connected to the Wireless LAN, then you need to manually disconnect it and reconnect to the new Wireless LAN.

The WPA Pre-Shared key I have used in this tutorial is abcdedfghijk. You need to understand that you can use any password (WPA Pre-Shared key ) that you like. Please ensure that you remember the password as you will be prompted to enter the password when you connect to the Wireless LAN. This password and encryption will secure your Wireless LAN and no one will be able to access Wireless Internet without knowing your Internet Password.

How to connect to Secure Wi-Fi (WLAN) from your computer?

Most of the Notebooks and Desktops are shipped with Wireless capabilities. A wireless card installed on your computer enable you to access Internet without hooking a cable to a Modem or to a Router. Now let us check how do we connect to a Secured Wi-Fi (WLAN) from a computer.

1. Turn ON WLAN on your Notebook/Desktop. In most of the computers, it is a switch or button you can press to enable WLAN.

2. Now Search for the Wireless Network. Below said screenshot is taken from my Vista based Notebook.


3. Select the Security Enabled network name (E.g.: SiRu Wireless) and click on Connect button.

4. As the network we setup is a Secured network, below said message will appear.

Connect-to-Secured-WPA Pre-Shared key

5. Enter the Password (E.g.: abcdefghijk) (Note: I hope you remember the password)

6. Click on Connect button


6. Yes, now it is connected. Click on Close button.

7. Congratulations. You are successfully connected to the Secured Wireless Internet.

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24 Responses to “Configure Secure Wireless LAN on BSNL Nokia Siemens SL2_141 Modem”

  1. harsh says:

    i am doing everything as said.. my mobile is detecting the signal and im close to the modem , so my signal is excelent.. but i can not open any webpage or any thing else.. my mobile is an android, LG optimus one.. i was able to connec a day ago , before i tried to configure my dsl in computer to get greater radius.. but i messed up something , so i reebooted with default settings.. i had trouble connecting to net after that..but now, following yuor instructions, i was able to connet to internet, and all on computer, but the problem with wifi on mobile has croped up.. i double checked and its all according to your instructions.. but on the WAN page, i find that in the ‘Status’ collomn , it is showing ‘Authentication Failure’ !! this seems the problem.. and i have only one row , of pppoe.. i removed other rows from the default.. can this be the problem ? i had followed all ur instructions on what to edit in LAN.. all i want now is to access internet on computer and mobile (by wifi) both together , like i did before.. and btw , before also i configured settings on my own.. plz help. !

    • SiRu says:

      As the Internet is working fine on notebook, seems to be an issue with authentication with your mobile, what you could do remove all wifi related settings from Mob, connect again, enter the Wifi password (if set) and connect again.

      I think this issue happened because the mobile is still trying to connect with older Wifi settings



  2. supriya says:

    I have recently purchased android Samsung Galaxy fit s 5670. I am facing problem with my WIFI connectivity. My phone scans and gets connected to default connection but i am unable to browse through the web pages. I am using Nokia Seimens Residential Router 1600.

    Please do let me know what is to be done. Thanks waiting for reply!!

    • SiRu says:

      Hi….. the steps provided here is for BSNL Nokia Siemens SL2_141 Modem, I am not quite sure whether the router you have mentioned is same as the I provided here.

      Regarding your query, please check whether you are able to access internet on your laptop and see whether Internet is configured properly.

      Regards… SiRu

  3. SUDHEER YADAV says:

    hi SiRu i need a advice from u, with your blog help i was able to configure my router but in my excitement to secure my wifi with out adding the list of mac addresses i selected “allow” for “mac restrict mode” now iam unable to log on to net to restore to factory settings please advice me how to solve this problem

  4. Sanjay says:

    pls give me settings bsnl wifi broadband with connecting mobile & Pc

    • SiRu says:

      When you configured WLAN on your Modem, you can use it with Mobile (if it supports Wifi). Also if the Computer have wifi card installed, you can use wireless.

  5. ratan singh says:

    hello sir, i hav a problem i forget my password of data one broadband nokia siemens netwoks sl_141 n default password doesnt work what to do.;.;.;. plz suggest meee.;.;.;.;.;.

  6. Saravanan says:

    Dear siru sir,
    1 I am buying a new nokia c7 mobile.. In my modem is TNDSL 2120 itz broadband modem (NOT A WIFI MODEM). now i interest to change wi fi modem.. so what can i do? becas my phone needs to connect wi fi internet so what can i do? also plz say abt the wht is wi fi?

  7. Daks says:

    I am unable to connect to the network ,.after I accidently , enablef mac setting.from disable to enable , I cannot connect to modem , to configure it , after I click on to connect thought my lap it says windows is unable to connect , I m very much pissed , please .. help ….

  8. Abhinav Singh says:

    Thank YOU 🙂

  9. Aniketh Peddu says:

    Hey Siru,

    Tried the above mentioned steps but unfortunately whenever i try to ping the address it states web page cannot be displayed or sever timeout. The funny thing is am having no issues with connecting to the internet using my Ethernet cable plugged into my RJ-45 jack, however its just that i’m unable to ping the website u’ve stated.

    Tried ipconfig/all in the command prompt to check for the ip address as well as the default gateway, both were mentioned as and the subnet mask listed as Checked and seen that the WLAN light is illuminated on the router, also it is the exact same model listed in the picture above also confirmed with the ISP that i have purchased a wireless enabled router. So tried various other steps like, resetting the router and also using different Browsers (used Mozilla, IE8, Chrome). Also my phone is an Android smartphone and am pretty techsavy and am sure that there is nothing wrong with the mobile since it works well with other networks…..

    Please do help me in desperate need of assistance, do have a smartphone however without any internet access and it sucks… and my data packages are quite high so planned on using the bsnl router… without any go PLease do help me…

  10. Ranjeet says:

    I am having big trouble.

    I have connected this modem with my MTNL triband. Changed all parameter. Able to surf pages after giving google dns and If I do not input any opne DNS the unable to access web pages. But my torrent run well and also FDM can download files.

    However, even after trying all option, I am unable to access net through my LG optimus one mobile. I input Google DNS as well but no avail. Can you through soem light one this.

    Thank you in advance.

  11. Shakti says:

    Thank you very much. very helpful

  12. arsh says:

    i m using bsnl nokia siemens adsl modem im able to connect to it on laptop but my mobile phone connects to it but at the time of browsing it shows not connected
    dchp is on
    ppoe is on
    security is open

    please help me

    • SiRu says:

      If your laptop can connect through Wifi(wireless), then its an issue with settings of your phone. Because we dont have any specific settings to change to make router compatible with your Mobile..

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