How do I backup the Registry of Windows


Windows registry is a database file that is essential for Windows 8 or 8.1 to work. In many instances, you may have to make change in Windows registry especially when you troubleshoot Windows related issues. To edit registry entries, you can open Windows registry.But always remember, before you make any changes in registry using Windows registry editor, It is strongly recommended to take backup of Windows registry.

How do I back Windows Registry

There are two types of Windows registry backup you can perform. First method is to take complete backup. In this method you will take backup of entire Windows settings. When you perform complete backup, the size of the windows registry backup file will be big (Its in MBs anyway).

Next method is to take backup of the specified registry entry rather than the entire Windows registry. Let’s say, you are making a minor change in registry and you do not want to save the entire windows registry, then you can backup only the registry entry you are going to edit. If you follow this method, the size of the registry backup file will be very small.

When I use the word “backup, you might feel that the process is very complex, but it is just as easy as 1,2,3. Today, I will explain how to perform backup of Windows registry

How to take the complete backup of Windows Registry

To take the backup of Windows registry, you need to open Windows registry editor. Please refer my article to learn different methods to open Windows registry.

Note: Please read our awesome guide about Windows Registry Editor. Click here

Once you follow above said guide, you will know how to open Windows registry editor. Once you open registry editor, please ensure that you click on Computer (Screenshot is shown below).

Open Windows Registry Editor

Now Click on File, then select Export.

How to Export Windows Registry - Full Backup

You will receive Export Registry File dialogue box. Enter a name for the registry backup, this can be any name, I just kept “Windows Registry Backup” as the filename. Now under the “Export Range”, do not forget to select the option All before you click Save.

How to take Full Backup of Windows Registry

Once you click Save,  you have successfully created the backup of entire Windows registry.

Windows Registry Full Backup Completed

It is always good to have a backup of your Windows registry with you, because in future, if something does not work, you can always use the registry backup to restore Windows settings. If you are asking me how to import registry backup? there are multiple ways to do it. I will explain about it later in another article.

How to take the backup of a particular Registry Key

If you do not want to make complete backup whenever you make changes in registry, then you can backup the registry key which you are going to make changes. Let us say, for an example I would like to make some changes to following registry key “KHEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software”, then I can just take backup of this key alone. In this method, we are not making the compete backup of Windows registry rather we take backup of selected registry key.

To initiate the backup operating, please open Registry editor. Here you will find different folders listed similar to your Windows explorer. Now find the KHEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder and double-click to expand it.

Backup Khey Local Machine registry Windows 8

Under KHEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, you will find multiple entries listed. One of the entry will be Software. Now click on Software (Screenshot provided below). Always remember; to back up a particular key (or subkey), click the key or subkey that you want to backup. As I want to backup the key “Software”, my selection will be on it.

Windows Registry Local Machine Software tab

Now click on File, then click on Export (Shown below).

Export single tree of Windows Registry

Now you will get Export Registry File dialogue box. Under Export range, you need to select “Selected branch”. Now you will find KHEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software is listed over there (please check the screenshot).

Backup Selected key in Windows Registry

Now type a name for the registry backup file in the File name box. Then click on Save. Now I have taken the backup of registry entry KHEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software. You can save this registry backup copy to a location you like, such as a folder on your hard drive or a removable storage device.

Why do I need to backup registry? it is because, If you make a silly mistake while editing the registry entry, it may lead to a system crash. I mean the complete crash of windows operating system, trust me, this can happen. So it is always recommended to have a backup of Windows registry. If registry gets corrupted Windows won’t be able to function properly, so it’s good practice to have a backup copy.

I hope whatever I wrote above makes sense and make your life with registry little easier.  if you have any feedback,  please leave a comment and we can further discuss.

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