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I am planning to write technical articles about HP Network Switches. To connect to these switches using telnet or SSH, I use a tool  called Putty. So it is necessary to write an article regarding Putty session logging. This article will explain how to create a log file of your Putty session. I expect that 99% of people will know how to do but let me write one article here.

Putty is a simple tool which allow us to use Telnet, SSH and Serial connections. Many times we would need to capture the output of these session data from putty but may end up in copy and paste. If you would like to capture your entire command line session data to a local file in your computer, please follow below said steps.

I hope you already have Putty installed in your computer, if not please go to this link and download putty.exe from there. If you need a direct link to Putty, you can download it from here (less than 800 KB in size). Once you download Putty, you can just double click on it open.

How to Capture Putty Session to a Log File

1. Download and install Putty in your Computer.
2. Launch Putty. The screen will look like this.

Putty main screen

3. Under Category, Click on Logging (Check screenshot).


4. Select All Session Output and click on Browse button.

Putty 2

5. Identify a location to save the log file and specify a file name (I used My Logs.txt here).

Putty Session Loggin

6. Now the Log file path will be shown in Putty screen.

Putty 5

7. Now we are done with Session Logging. Let us go back to Putty Main screen.
8. To go to the main screen, click on Session.

Enable Session logging in Putty

9. Now start using Putty and all the session output will be captured in the Log file you have specified.

Capture Logs using Putty

10. To test, let me connect to an IP address using SSH (Just an example).

Open a Putty Session

12. The login screen is shown below (this is a from a Broadcom switch).

Putty Session Capture

13. Now if I open the My Logs.txt in my computer, the putty session captured here as a file.

Putty Session Captured in text file

Session logging option is used to capture the command line output or logs from Switches, Routers etc. Hope you liked this simple piece of information. Thank you for reading my blog and do not forget to share these information with your friends.

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