Driver for Broadcom HT1000 SATA Controller


Here is a driver solution from Tricks Guide, may be this driver is easy to find for anyone with moderate computer/server knowledge, but I found some of my clients/customers are keep contacting and asking for this missing driver. Even when we search using the device ID, there is a good chance that you end up in confusion because Broadcom has so many similar devices.

Broadcom HT1000 SATA Controller

If you are finding an unknown device with below said Device ID, then it is Broadcom HT1000 SATA Controller.  The device Ids are:

  • PCI\VEN_1166&DEV_024A&SUBSYS_320B103C&REV_00
  • PCI\VEN_1166&DEV_024A&SUBSYS_320B103C
  • PCI\VEN_1166&DEV_024A&CC_010405
  • PCI\VEN_1166&DEV_024A&CC_0104

Now the question comes, where is the link to download the same from? Enough of speaking about Controller!! Good question!

Here we go,  Click here to download the same driver from HP web site. I would also share similar drivers which could work on other servers or Desktops as well.

Here is one more link to download 2008 x64 Edition driver, Click here to Download it. Hope you have enjoyed this driver link and solved your driver issue 🙂

Technical Information about Broadcom HT1000

Now let me share some information which I found about Broadcom HT1000 Controller, According to Broadcom,  the HT-1000 is targeted at the volume server/blade and desktop market with the capability to efficiently span from 1–2 CPUs without incurring large latencies. The SATA interface supports four ports, each of which are SATA 1.0 compliant. The controller can be programmed to operate completely either in legacy mode or high-performance mode.HT-1000 HyperTransport SystemIO Hub

HT-1000 can be used to connect directly to the processors, as shown in the graphic on top. This provides all the features needed for cost-effective volume servers, blades, and desktop systems. These features include 8x HT bus, PCI-X 64/133, SATA II, USB 2.0, 32-bit PCI, LPC, IDE, and SMBus.

You might be wondering what I am speaking about, consider reading this Broadcom HT1000 specification link

Do you have any other similar driver downloads which you would like to share with us? please let us know, we will post in this web site 🙂 please subscribe to receive further updates via email, or leave a comment.

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    Thanks for the help! Can you help me with the Broadcom 802.11g Network adapter seeing the router but will not connect!

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