Configure Wireless LAN on BSNL Siemens SL2_141 Broadband Modem


Configuring BSNL Nokia Siemens SL2_141/SL2-141 Broadband Modem is easy, if you have not yet configured the modem to enable Internet through LAN or WLAN (Wi-Fi), then please follow steps mentioned in our below said  post.

Article: Configure BSNL Siemens SL2_141 Broadband Modem to Access Internet


How do I change Wireless LAN name (SSID):

If you have followed above said guide, then you have already configured Wireless on your Modem. So you do not need to change any settings for the Wireless (Wi-Fi) to work. But in later stage, if you wish to change the name of the Wireless OR disable Wireless etc., you can do it by following below said steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer, type and press the Enter key on the keyboard. Now a popup screen asks you to enter User name and password to configure your Siemens SL2_141 broadband modem as we shown below.

Siemens SL2_141 User Name and Password[2]

2. Enter below said user name and password (Use the default factory user name and password) and click OK.

User name: admin

Password: admin

3. Once you login, we will bet at the Modem configuration homepage as shown below.


4. Click on Wireless at the top, then click on Basic at the left pane of the window.

5. Now you are at Wireless – Basic Page as shown below.

6. Ensure that Enable Wireless check box is checked (tick mark should be there). If you wish to disable Wireless, you can uncheck this box.

7. Enter a name for Wireless LAN in SSID box, you can enter whatever you like, (E.g: SiRu Wireless)

8. Select Country as UNITED STATES. Click Save/Apply button.


9. Once you are done, click on Security at the left pane of the Window. It will open Wireless – Security page.

10. Change  the settings as shown below:

Select SSID: The name of your Wireless LAN (SSID). (E.g: SiRu Wireless)

Network Authentication: Open

WEP Encryption: Disabled

Siemens SL2_141-Wireles-Security[2]


11. Click on Save/Apply button

You might have noticed that we have set Network Authentication=Open and WEP Encryption=Disabled. It means the WLAN we configured is not secured Or password protected. So anyone can access internet through your modem as there is no security or encryption in place. BSNL Siemens SL2_141 modem supports encryption and you can enable it to secure the WLAN from unauthorized access.

How to connect to the Wi-Fi (WLAN) from my computer?

Most of the modern Notebooks and Desktops are shipped with Wireless capabilities. A wireless card installed on your computer enables you to access Internet without hooking a cable to the  Modem or to a Router. Now let us check how do we connect to a Wi-Fi (WLAN) from a Wi-Fi enabled computer.

1. Turn ON WLAN on your Notebook/Desktop. In most of the computers, it is a switch or button you can press to enable WLAN.

2. Now Search for the Wireless Network. (Below said screenshot is taken from my Vista based Notebook.)


3. Select the Wireless Network Name (E.g.: SiRu Wireless) and click on Connect button.

4. As the network we setup is a Unsecured network, below said message will appear.


5. Click on Connect Anyway (This message appears because the WLAN is not secured/encrypted).


6. Yes, now it is connected. Click on Close button.

7. Congratulations. You are successfully connected to Wireless Internet.

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12 Responses to “Configure Wireless LAN on BSNL Siemens SL2_141 Broadband Modem”

  1. rana majumdar says:

    thanks for helping me.

    • SiRu says:


      My pleasure rana majumdar

      Keep in touch


      • rana majumdar says:

        Dear sir thanks for the previous and do need a help again..,,,
        that is Dvd rom is not working but it reads cd but not Dvd any how can u give some funda

        • rana majumdar says:

          i want to connect several machine through one 3g modem….i connected but the speed is worst ………is it possible to get a formal of 30Kbps…………do a urgent reply…

  2. pratham says:

    thanks for the help for configuring the modem.
    can you please help connecting my samsung star mobile to this wireless network?

    • SiRu says:

      Hi pratham,

      if your mobile is Wifi enabled, then you should be able to find your wireless LAN (if configured). Try to connect, it may ask for password. Enter the Wireless password you have set and it should work.



  3. Pratika says:


    There is an issue. I have a BSNL Broadband and a Siemens SLS_141 router. I works fine with the desktop, but when I try to connect it on a laptop, the wireless connection shows on the list. It also gets connected, but when I try to browse, it shows “No Internet Access”. Can you please help me out?


  4. Shreeram says:

    Hi Siru, I have a motorola q9h which have an wifi facility i don’t know how to configure it and go online wireless, could u please help me..

    • SiRu says:

      You first need to configure WLAN by connecting to Desktop/Laptop. Once WLAN is enabled, you can start using on any devices (cell phone, Notebook etc)

  5. ranjan says:


    is it possible to connect broadband from my laptop by wi-fi and desktop through lan-cable
    sametime with sl2_141 router ?

    if yes then how?


  6. rana majumdar says:

    one more thing is it possible to make a wifi personal network where we can share data and printer sharing

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