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About TricksGuide:

Tricks Guide is a simple  Technology Blog where I post tips and tricks about Computers, Security, Software,  Internet, Windows, Applications, HP Servers or anything technical in nature. This blog was not started for the intention of making money instead I started this blog to help people with their technical queries which I could answer. I am hoping  my blog will be helpful to someone.

About SiRu:

SirajCurrently working as an Enterprise Support Consultant with a Fortune 500 company, SiRu founded TricksGuide from an unlikely location: a small village in Kerala, India.

SiRu is a Post Graduate of the University of Bharathiar, from which he holds a Master of science in Computer Science and also holds certifications like A+, MCP, HP APS.

You can mail SiRu for feedback/suggestions/questions regarding his blog/articles or just anything at Tricksguide [at] gmail [dot] com or you can use this Contact Us page.

Full Name: Do you really need my name! 🙂 Call me SiRu 😀
Profession: Enterprise Support Consultant
Education: Master of Science in Computer Science
Certifications: CompTIA A+, Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), HP APS Certification.
Email: Tricksguide [at] gmail [dot] com

Personal Life: SiRu is a small town down-to-earth man, known for his simplicity and humor. SiRu has been married to his wonderful wife Sajna since September 27, 2009. They live in India and are blessed to have a beautiful family full of love and support. His son Rehan brings so much joy and happiness in their life. 🙂

SiRu writes about topics and products which interest him, and hopefully you too 🙂

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